Wednesday, April 25, 2012

• "V" is for Videos

This is a still captured from a video.
I fell in love with the Flip Video when I borrowed my friend Brenda's. Naturally, I had to have a Flip of my own. I find the Flip fun when pet sitting. I captured terrier Shelly's surprise when she saw "another dog" in the reflection of a car. When Shelly and Lily's human mom was away during the holidays, we made a Christmas video for her.

Video was useful during a recent pet sit when Samoyed Arlo was doing something strange with his mouth. I wondered if he needed to go to the vet. I filmed Arlo, saved it on Vimeo, and sent Brenda (his human mom) the URL. Brenda had reported the behavior before to Arlo's vet, who had said it was nothing to worry about. It took a load off my mind.

When I pet sit, I post photos and videos on Facebook or Twitter, or send via email. Clients enjoy seeing their pets safe and happy. After a pet sit, I make a longer video or an online blog for the pet owner. There's no extra charge. Frankly, it's a labor of love, and I always want to give pet owners a reason to hire me again.

Unfortunately, my Flip shows signs of old age and they're no longer being manufactured, so I'll have to find other technology. Don't I sound blasé? You have no idea the trauma I go through, making a decision to buy new technology. Brenda had to go with me to Target to buy my Canon A560 camera. Really.

If you're not tired of videos, check out the Potomac Valley Samoyed Club's annual winter walk! Can you guess which one is Arlo?

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