Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

• In Winter, Help Neighbors with Pets

In a winter storm, older neighbors with pets may need help. Your small acts of kindness can make a real difference.

• Volunteer to walk a neighbor's dog.  To keep snow from sticking to the hair between toes, treat paws with Musher's Secret before a walk. Or, when you bring the dog inside, brush snow from between its toes.
• If snow is very deep and a neighbor has a smaller dog, clear an area in their yard where their dog can relieve itself.  Sprinkle sidewalks with pet-safe deicer.
• Ask neighbors if they have enough food for their pet. If your pet has toys it doesn't play with, offer them to neighbors to help pets with cabin fever. Clean toys first.
• Encourage elderly neighbors to stay inside until you or someone else can shovel a safe path to their car or the sidewalk. Always use a pet-safe deicer.
• In many neighborhoods kids go door-to-door, getting paid to shovel snow. With your neighbor's permission, supervise kids in creating a pet potty area or path.

What other ways can you help elderly neighbors with pets in a storm?