Wednesday, March 30, 2016

• Rest in Peace, Sweet Honey

Honey passed yesterday after being sick only two days.
I am still in shock about my sweet girl. May she rest in peace.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

• Healing Touch for Animals: Volunteering at an SPCA

Healing Touch for Animals bridges the art of energy
medicine with the science of animal healthcare.

Blair Selby, HTA Annapolis Coordinator, demonstrates on Bo.

The goal of HTA is to balance and clear an animal's energy system.

This demonstration introduced SPCA volunteers and the public to HTA.

The energy sent to Bo reached this cat, who seemed to want to stay in the room!

On Bishop Warhol, I began with a balancing technique.
Bishop is up for adoption at the Anne Arundel, Md., SPCA.

Bishop's response to the treatment was to relax. Relaxation creates optimal
flow of energy throughout the body, which supports self healing.
HTA can address health, behavioral concerns, and emotional stability. 

Animals instinctually feel energy. HTA can
deepen the bond between animals and people.
I love when an animal truly connects with me!

Ruth connects with Russia. HTA practitioners do not diagnose
or give medications. HTA techniques for animals are meant to
complement traditional healthcare. Russia is available for adoption.

Practitioner-volunteers debriefed. The goal of giving HTA
is for animals to be
 adopted sooner. The team plans to
volunteer again at the
Anne Arundel, Md., SPCA

You can learn more about Healing Touch for Animals
and find a practitioner near you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

• Wordless Wednesday: Pet Sitters Week

Avery and Annie don't know it's Professional
Pet Sitters Week. They just think I came to visit.

Thank you, BlogPaws, for featuring me on Wordless Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

• A Furry Little Miracle

While I was pet sitting Bettina, her heart condition flared.
The vet tented her with oxygen 
and gave a diuretic to flush fluid from her lungs.
I'm grateful Bettina
came home and will see her human mom tonight.
Bettina's condition is terminal. Paws crossed for many more days for her.