Monday, April 16, 2012

• "N" is for Neatness

If my mother were alive she would tell you I'm messy. She would be right. When I come home I shuck off my coat, kick off my shoes. Where they land, they land. Mornings often find me staring at the previous night's dishes, soaking in the sink. I lose my TV remote under magazines or bills.

But when I pet sit, I try to keep up the house to the homeowner's standards, and most homeowners are neat. I do this for two reasons.

Neighbors occasionally drop by and homeowners can come home early. I think of it a surprise inspection, and I want to pass.

The other reason I clean up while I'm pet sitting is that it clears my mind. When the house is messy I feel scattered. I straighten up room by room, and as I do so, I check off a mental list. Make the bed, hang up my clothes, put my shoes in the closet so the puppy won't chew them.

Alongside my mental cleaning lists, another list always arises: what I can do for the animals. Try a different chew toy so Teddy won't get bored. Instead of our usual noon walk, take Coco downtown to the courthouse for a walk and a picnic. Put fresh water and an ice cube in the water bowls. Sit on the floor and stroke Lily for awhile; she's feeling left out because I've had to pay so much attention to Shelly.

If I hadn't experienced this phenomenon only yesterday, I might think this is a lame post. I have no clue why my mind works this way. What I do know is that the animals benefit. That's what counts. What are your challenges, as a pet sitter? Do you struggle with being neat? I'd love it if you would comment.

Now, where is that remote?


  1. it's hard to be neat when you've got pets!
    Happy A-Zing!

  2. Great post...Emmy...I always love your style!

  3. Sounds great. But nobody has been able to beat neatness into me in 63 years! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at