Friday, April 6, 2012

• "F" is for Facebook

I post photos of my charges on Facebook
I tell my accountant that 50 percent of my computer time is dedicated to my pet sitting business, but it feels like a lie. The social media I use for Emmy the Pet Sitter, including its Facebook page, is so darn much fun it never feels like business.

My original purpose for creating a Facebook business page was to attract new clients. As the page evolved, I've posted material for existing clients, people with pets, and other pet professionals. Posts include:
• When I'm pet sitting, real-time photos or videos of my charges (the pets) for my clients (the people)
• Local activities for people and pets (pet expos, adoption events, charity events, "yappy hours," doggie ice cream socials, Pups in the Park)
• Special offers on products or services from local businesses; low-cost spay and neuter clinics
• Pet-related news (warnings about dog food, chicken jerky treats, Lyme disease, rabies shots)

Got great stats on Facebook
I try to foster a spirit of community. Some of the 79 people who subscribe know each other and each other's pets. I hope the "Twitter effect"—of strangers becoming friends—rubs off. When a pet of someone in the community dies, I mention it. When a friend of a friend's Samoyed gave birth, I linked to SamCam, hoping it might lead Samoyed owners to the (Friends of) Potomac Valley Samoyed Club Facebook page.

Is my Facebook page useful? Sometimes. But the March post that had the highest "reach" and "engaged users" was a picture of me kissing a French Bulldog. A picture (not mine) of a guinea pig deep in clover had the most "virality."

Fans are great. Good statistics are great. But the most important thing for me, as a pet sitter, is the pets. So I'd better grab the leash and take Teddy (see "D" is for Dachshund) for a walk.

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