Wednesday, April 11, 2012

• "J" is for Jacobson's Organ

Let me say straight off that I did not know—before I checked the dictionary—the definition of a Jacobson's organ. But I identified with the TV commercial that mentions it.

Three young women are talking about cats. The first two ooh and coo over how they love cute, cuddly kittens. The third pipes up. "And cats have the Jacobson's organ," she begins, then proceeds to overwhelm her ditsy companions with obscure facts.

I like that woman. She loves animals, I love animals—everything about animals. I want to hang out with her, exchange geeky animal trivia. Rats are revered by Hindus. What are the cats with six toes called? Polydactyl. Hamsters came from Syria. When a farrier trims a horse's hooves, give leftovers to the dogs—it's good for them.

The Jacobson's organ reference isn't the best, as I'm much more interested in dogs and horses than I am in cats. But the sentiment conveys. Animals geeks, who's with me?

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  1. Hey, I'm with you as an animal geek. But I have 3 cats, so hoping there won't be problems. Cats are animals too!
    Visiting from A-to-Z Challenge.