Thursday, July 21, 2011

• The Emmy the Pet Sitter T-Shirt

Darcy looks better in my shirt than I do!
As a pet sitter, I made a T-shirt advertise my business, Emmy the Pet Sitter .

I chose CustomInk to make shirts; they have a good plus-size selection and I could buy a small quantity. I liked the quality and price of the Gildan Ultra Cotton T. Standard-colors were less expensive, but I picked a shirt to flatter my coloring. To reduce cost, I used one color of ink and royalty-free clip art. It was easy to design my shirt on their web site, but if you tell them what you want they'll do the design for you.

About 10 days later, I had six Ts in hand for about $18 a shirt. I give CustomInk an A+. Customer service was excellent and the final product is top notch.

Arlo and me and T
On its front, I placed a small design at the top so it would show in photos, but I have to laugh. I'm always photographed with an animal, and its head usually blocks the design! On the back, the name of my business and URL are large and clear.

Is the Emmy the Pet Sitter T-shirt a success? Unfortunately, no stranger has asked me to pet sit. But when I wear the shirt, people I know ask about my new business.

This post was originally for participants of the BlogPaws 2011 conference and titled, "BlogPaws: Learning from Each Other."

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