Sunday, May 1, 2011

• A "Lucky" Lucky Dog

Whew! Wow! I'm both tired and energized after volunteering at a Lucky Dog Animal Rescue adoption event.

My charge was Apple, a shy, Chihuahua-Rat Terrier mix. Apple's adoption was already in motion, and the young couple that had fallen in love with her picked her up during the event. How awesome it was to see Apple with her "forever family," nestled in her new mom's arms and sporting a pink collar and bib.

After Apple left, I talked to other volunteers. Lucky Dog had brought in a lot of dogs to the event, which was held at the Falls Church, Virginia, PetSmart. Several dogs were adopted, pending the approval process. Some got nibbles (pun intended) of interest.

I need to tell on myself. I was apprehensive about a few of the dogs. You know the ones: sort of a pit-bull-terrier-shepherd-type mix, built like a linebacker, with massive jaws and chest. But I petted every dog, and every single one—no matter the size or breed—was friendly. Some were energetic. Some were curious and eager. Some were shy. And all were sweet.

I watched a little boy, maybe three or four, march up to a dog with a squarish face and stocky, muscular body. The dog outweighed the kid two to one, but the boy never hesitated. He patted the dog on top of its head. That dog wiggled its rock-solid behind and gave the boy's arm a happy lick.

Sweet. And shame on me for presuming otherwise.

Lucky Dog has photos of dogs available for adoption on its web site and holds adoption events every weekend. So next weekend, you could get Lucky.

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