Tuesday, May 24, 2011

• Tornadoes: Be Part of the Miracle

The devastation from recent tornadoes makes me feel sick. And helpless. I think the best I can do is pass along information that may help the displaced pets.

Social media stepped up to the plate for these pets. DogTipper has a list of Facebook pages—virtual “lost and found” bulletin boards—of displaced pets in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Click on the “Found” photos. Each represents a miracle: a dog that lived through a tornado, found by someone willing to help it find its way home. And each represents a potential miracle: a pet that could be reunited with its family. There are hundreds more.

The connections cannot be made without you. Please take a minute and email the DogTipper list of lost and found tornado pets to everyone you know. Ask them to send it to everyone they know.

Be part of the miracle.

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