Tuesday, April 26, 2011

• Block New Dog Fighting App

Dog fighting is illegal, and I thought that society no glorified that particular blood sport. I was wrong.

“Dog Wars,” an app for Android smart phones, makes a game out of dog fighting. You can feed, water, train, and fight your virtual dog. (I wonder—can you fight your dog to its death?) Android is a subsidiary of Google.

Kage Games, which created the app, says the game will educate people about animal cruelty, and that proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations and the Japanese tsunami relief effort.

Many individuals and groups have condemned the app, including the ASPCA and Michael Vick.

In Unleash the Dogs of War? Tell Android/Google No!, Edie Jarolim offers background on this issue, and why the app is not only bad—but racist.

Take action. Tell Android/Google to block "Dog Wars" and stop condoning animal cruelty.

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