Saturday, April 2, 2011

• Hamster Ball Derby

For a minute they were neck and furry neck, but in three out of five races Pinkie-the-Syrian-hamster bested my Maggie, winning first place in the 2011 Petco Hamster Ball Derby.

Who took third? Well . . . no one. A fellow with a gray-and-white rat wanted to race, but hadn't followed the Petco Training Tips and Schedule, which clearly states that ball work should have begun on February 28. In a ball for the first time, the rat promptly emptied her bladder in fear. Her owner bowed out.

Pinkie—with deliciously velvet, grayish-pink fur—won decisively. Maggie backpedaled a couple of times and, although he likes his ball, simply was not as fast. (Apropos of nothing, I would have had children if I were guaranteed they'd be as cute and sweet as Pinkie's owners, two little red-headed boys.)

Tonight I'll rip open the bag of treats and give Maggie extra corn, her favorite. And I imagine the two little red-headed boys will have put together Pinkie's new cage by the time she wakes up.

Victory is sweet—and crunchy.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting 'race'...your story made me giggle. I have done agility with my cats a time or two with very varying results!

    I wanted to get Papua Piig something special for his 'Swag Bag' and went into the aisle with foods for those kind of critters and was kinda appalled at the 'junk food' look to all of them plus many were made in China, so I went online and looked up what GP's eat and think I will get him some Parsley, a Kiwi and a Cherimoya and feel good about it, hahameow!