Wednesday, June 12, 2013

• Yes, Virginia, There Was a Hamster at BlogPaws

Flat Panky, Kona, and Charlotte at BlogPaws 2013. Photo by @EdnaAtNutro

PepperPom sniffs her roomie Charlotte.  Photo by @PepperPom

I want to state it loudly and clearly: There was a hamster at BlogPaws 2013!

Every article and blog reads like this: "Some 80 animals attended BlogPaws, a social media conference for pet enthusiasts, including dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, a rabbit, and even baby chicks."

And a hamster! There was a hamster at BlogPaws!

Because I didn't want to stress Charlotte, I brought her to the conference only for a short time. Thursday night I was busy meeting people and Saturday night I was helping with a surprise party.

Me, kissing Snotface
So on Friday afternoon I put Charlotte in her traveling cage. She didn't seem to mind the smells and sounds of so many predators (the other animals). She sampled dog treats and posed for BlogPaws participants ("pawparazzi"). I was way more stressed than Charlotte!

So, everyone, this is what to say about BlogPaws 2013: "Some 80 animals attended, including dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, a rabbit, baby chicks—and a hamster!"


  1. Hi Emmy & Charlotte! I sniffed the hamster at BlogPaws!!! :)

  2. You did sniff, Pepper, and you were such a lady about it! Big hugs.

  3. Hi Emmy and Charlotte! It was an honor to have met the only hamster that attended Blog Paws! :-)

    1. Flat Panky, Charlotte is honored to have met YOU. Thank you for protecting her from Kona.

  4. YES there was a HAMSTER. I seen her.

    1. Charlotte seen you, Carma, and frankly, she was a bit scared! You is tall, girlfriend! But thank you for being sweet to my Charlotte.

  5. OK, we need to talk to Daddy Kiril.

    He didn't tell us there was a hamster there, too!

    We know about the Ferrets and Rabbit, and more Dogs that anyone would know what to do with, but we guess he missed the Hamster. :-D

  6. In defense of Daddy Kiril, Charlotte only came down from her room for less than an hour. The ferrets, 34-pound rabbit, and baby chicks were much most visible. Look for Charlotte in Las Vegas!!