Monday, June 17, 2013

• If You Can't Take Your Dog to Work . . .

Pet Sitter's International Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWDay) celebrates dogs as companion animals and encourages people to adopt from humane societies, rescues, and breed rescue clubs. If you, like me, love dogs but don't own one, you might feel left out this Friday (June 21).

But even if you don't have a dog or if your workplace won't allow dogs, you can still celebrate!
• Bring in dog treats. (Ask owner before you give to dog)
• Offer to help colleagues. You can walk a dog (remember to take a poop bag) or play with a restless pup whose owner is on a conference call or in a meeting.
• Take photos of colleagues' dogs and submit them to the TYDTWDay photo competition.
• Ask local pet-care professionals—dog walkers or pet sitters—to visit. They could help with pet care and/or present a session on pet-care needs. Search for a pet sitter at Pet Sitters International.
• Spread the word about TYDTWDay by sharing their posts on Facebook and Twitter.
• Organize a doggie costume contest. If your boss doesn't allow dogs, hold a fundraiser for a local rescue group or educate coworkers about homeless dogs. Here's a list of ways to celebrate.

Best of all—the week of June 17–21 has been designated Take Your Pet to Work Week! Celebrate all things furry, scaly, feathered, and finned. Are you inspired? Then sing along with the TYDTWDay song!

Do you have more ideas for celebrating the day or the week?

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