Wednesday, July 8, 2015

• Wordless Wednesday: The Gift of Rescue

A rescued pet is like an unopened gift. Who will you unwrap? A squirrel-chasing, pint-size fuzzball of energy like Ovie (above), nicknamed "The Mayor"? A reserved grande dame? A rollicking, tail-chasing Shepherd mix? A Dalmatian who runs on wings? As part of #PetSafetyMonth, BlogPaws celebrates the ultimate act of pet safety—rescue. As a pet sitter, I've met all these rescues and more. What is their breed? What was their past? And how on earth did you live without them?


  1. I love your metaphor of a rescued pet being like an unwrapped gift. I couldn't agree more

    1. Thank you. Presents are fun and strange, too, aren't they? Sometimes they're exactly what you wanted and sometimes you don't realize how perfect they are until much later.

  2. That's a wonderful way to look at the rescue pet!