Thursday, August 15, 2013

• BarkWorld 2013: Here We Come!

Have you been to BarkWorld, a pet social media conference? It's a real treat. Some tips:

• Bring plenty of business cards. Even if you don't have a blog or web site, go to a copy shop and make cards with your name, phone number, and email.
• Make notes about a person on their business card when you get it. I met people I promised to follow on Twitter, people whose blog I wanted to read, and people I wanted to follow up with. I only made notes on about half the cards; I missed a lot of opportunities.
• Get a business card from a pet's owner if you take a photo of their pet. If you post the photo on Twitter, include the owner's Twitter handle. Even if they have dozens of photos of their pets, people always want more!
• Post on Twitter and Facebook during the conference. Add the hashtag #BarkWorld. Use the Twitter handle of speakers and sponsors; they appreciate the visibility and they may retweet, exposing you to a new audience.
• You'll meet a lot of people. It's OK if you don't remember someone's name. (I usually remember pet names, though!)
• I love Carma Poodale's suggestion of having my photo taken with speakers and/or conference attendees, especially those I follow.
• Power up your computer and phone in your room before you go to the conference (there's a shortage of outlets). You might want to bring a power strip if you're rooming with someone.
• There's food and drinks on Thursday and Friday nights, but not on Saturday. If you want to eat with people on Saturday night, arrange ahead of time.
• Bring fewer clothes than you think you need. Dressing up Thursday and Friday nights is optional. Leave room in your suitcase to take home swag.
• There are lots of prizes, but you have to be sure to sign up for them and you usually have to be "present" to win ("present" meaning in the main conference room).
• You don't have to do everything. There are dozens of places in the hotel (which is very nice) to hang out and regroup.
• Have fun!

Dr. @LorieAHuston (r) and me
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  1. Thanks, Carma! Wish I'd followed it LOL. As always, I brought too many clothes. But I had so much fun it didn't matter.