Wednesday, May 1, 2013

• BlogPaws: Ready for My Close-up

Good posture, dressy top = DO. Brad Smith Photo
What's the first thing you think when you're invited somewhere special? Did you say, "What should I wear?" For BlogPaws, a social media conference for pet enthusiasts, suggested dress is business casual.

I'd like to add another tip: Be prepared to be photographed.

Thousands of photos will be taken at BlogPaws. You will be in some of them. It's a prime opportunity for you to get pictures for your web site, blog, and other social media sites. I'm a pet sitter, and in photos I want to look professional and positive—in short, like someone I would hire!

White socks = DON'T. 
Brad Smith Photo
A BlogPaws photographer covers the event, so you may be photographed at any time (for example at registration, above, or with Flat Pets, left). If he or she has time, you can ask the photographer to take a photo of you, you and your pet, or a group of friends. Attendees also take photos—hundreds and hundreds of them. One of the joys of BlogPaws is exchanging pics. For example, Petside used one of my photos (thank you, Petside, for giving credit and a link). It's easy to share via Pinterest and other social media sites.

Because I'm on the far side of 50 and there's "more of me to love," here's how I get ready for my close-up:
• Wear black. It's boring but forgiving.
• Wear bright lipstick
• Stand up straight. Good posture helps me look better, period.
• Be conscious of details. White socks are not a professional look.
• Look in a full length mirror, front and back.

I wore a sheer purple top the last night of BlogPaws 2012. I remember being moved almost to tears by the poignant memories captured in the BlogPaws Honor Flag Project. (The picture of me is at the bottom of the linked post.) The pets that have gone Over the Rainbow Bridge are the focus of the Project. My emotion was genuine. And yet. . . if I'd looked in a full length mirror I would have traded the cream camisole for black.

You can rock the BlogPaws red carpet, like Tango the Fire Safety Dog.
Is my approach vain? Self centered? Self serving? Shallow? Guilty as charged. But one reason I prepare carefully is that after I get dressed, I just have fun. For me, BlogPaws is about meeting people and pets, learning, and recharging my batteries. I would rather look my best in a photo but if don't . . . oh well.

I've worked my fingers to the bone on my Pinterest board with more close-up tips. Now it's time for a manicure—so I'll be ready for my close-up. See you at BlogPaws!


  1. Look at me in a dress squatting down for pictures lol - can't wait to see you - great post!

  2. My thought was, Carol looks beautiful in that gorgeous dress, and it matches the red carpet perfectly. You are rocking the role of paw-parazzi and look so happy. Can't wait to see you at BlogPaws 2013!