Tuesday, June 26, 2012

• Photos from BlogPaws

Norman the Scooter Dog
Flying home from BlogPaws (I have Internet on the plane!!), I'm cocooned in the warmth of three days with like-minded people. Officially, BlogPaws is described as a social media conference for pet bloggers, but it's equal part love fest. And did I mention the pets?

My lord, the pets.

A shimmering white pit bull named Zoey. A teensy, soft-haired white dog with shoe-button eyes whose name I forgot. Tango the Fire Safety Dog. Tillman, the Bulldog built like a linebacker on steroids, who skateboarded into our hearts. And shaggy Norman, the first Briard I'd seen up close and personal, the only scootering dog I know.

God bless Sheraton for letting us overrun their nice Salt Lake City hotel. I shared a room with a Pomeranian, Pepper, a.k.a. @PepperPom. She is the bark-tender for many Twitter pawties, so I can honestly say that I slept with the bark-tender!

More later, but for now, check out my photographs.


  1. It was so nice to meet you Emmy! I was totally overwhelmed by how great BlogPaws was and I'm counting the days until next year!

  2. It was fun seeing you having fun, too!

    Oh, Coco remembers Zoey...on a loose leash, she lunged towards the stroller,and Teri managed to block her from reaching Coco and her owner said 'Oh, she's never been around cats, I didn't know how she would react.' I have a feeling a small dog in a stroller might have gotten the same response. How about if you are going to go to a pet blogging conference, testing your dogs responses around a variety of animals before a possibly sad situation could have occurred. Dr Mahanney knew his dog was aggressive around cats, and advised us to steer clear, that I appreciated.