Friday, May 4, 2012

• Spring Dangers for Pets

Every new season brings warnings for pets. This is the spring version.

When I started pet sitting, I didn't pay too much attention to most "seasonal" warnings.  I assumed pet owners knew about dangers for pets (chocolate, antifreeze, rat poison) and planned accordingly. But you, as a pet sitter, may run into situations that could cause pets harm.

• When I walked terrier Shelly and beagle Lily in April, the girls were drawn to fertilizer like a moth to a flame. Since I have no way of knowing who may or may not be practicing pet-safe gardening, I steered them away from fertilizer and mulch.

• On a walk, it's important I don't get distracted and let dogs eat plants (some plants are toxic to dogs and cats), snack on a compost pile, or eat slug and snail bait.

• After a walk, I check dogs to make sure no prickly plants, such as foxtails, adhere to its fur.

• Always ask a client if you may take a dog to a dog park. If your client approves, read these tips on behavior at the dog park.

• If a pet sneezes, let the owner know. Dogs and cats, like people, are susceptible to allergies.

• Has your furry charge been a bit of a couch potato over the winter? Don't let a dog that's out of shape exercise too much.

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